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Decided to make a WIP gif of the quick intermission page. :D That one was pretty straightforward drawing work with really light ambiance animation.

1) As you can see from the initial layout, I ended up changing the composition/scene in panels 2 and 3 pretty drastically. I liked the idea of Patrick shrinking in each panel. It’ll make more sense as his character arc progresses! >v< 

(Plus, I haven’t designed the characters in panel 3 yet b/c you’ll see them much later. The paintings are more indicative of that particular inn’s motifs, like the CloverHouse’s giant windows, the Helen’s elevator gate, and the Bio-Reverse Lab’s screens.) 

2) Layouts, pencils, and character inking were done in Manga Studio. Backgrounds, animating, and text are completely done in Photoshop. I have templates for a lot of the design work, like stuff in the Helen’s elevator, as well as panels and text.

3) And here’s the page you see online, with the gif animation!


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Chapter 4 is starting, so tell all your friends! Reblogs help others find “Saint for Rent,” too! :D

There’s going to be quite a bit of traveling this chapter, and we’ll also learn more about our favorite CloverHouse Innkeeper! 

(Oh, and I’ve revamped the chapter cover style just a little, as those rereading yesterday have probably noticed! :) Enjoy!)